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Eleicao, Eleicao, Eleicao...

  Shi, shi, shi… ‘Tea vasinachem padd Podunk, dôn dosi gheilleir pasun munis doent zata.’ ‘Thé Dotor kaim nenhôi, sarke burr’ (Go to hell with the vaccine, even if two doses are taken, a person can fall ill, doctors are dumb) The people in the village were sunk in gloom and despondency, tired of this evil ‘ doenç ’ (Covid) that had practically impoverished them; they were tired, very, very tired…   ‘Amgelea   patkanchi zoti’ ( We are paying for our sins) was the most common reason for the doenç , ‘Chet, thê Chinese loka lagun zallam, mett thêm hatai murhê’ (No way, it is because of the Chinese, they eat whatever they can lay their hands on) ‘Arre amgê Lester temgele marketin ghellolo ani kit rhê, sorop, undir, makod, vinchu passun hatai murhê, padd podunk…’ (Our Lester had once gone to their Markets and would you believe it? Snakes, rats, monkeys, they even eat scorpions) Shi shi… In fact many were the explanations… Many were the remedies swapped… ‘Odulsheachim pannam x

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